Laura Bell Salon

We are excited to announce the opening of our Brand New lay down sunbed!

  • Appointments & Walk Ins welcome.
  • Sessions available in 6, 9, 12 or 15 minutes.
  • Complimentary disposable goggles are available and sunbed creams to purchase in sachets and bottles.
  • Body cooling.
  • As refreshing feature CliMax combines different ways to create the most comfortable temperature while tanning.
  • IP Control.
  • With optional IP Control the UV-output of the tubes is kept consistently optimal at the EU recommended level.
  • XL light.
  • XL Light, 2-m-long tubes, expand the tanning surface to a maximum and ensure a head-to-toe tan.
  • Ergonomically shaped surface.
  • Optional ContourPlus, the ergonomically shaped acrylic shield which supports the sunbather’s body, making the tanning experience comfortable.
  • Sound system.

With its quality sound system, Luxura X7 transforms every tanning session into a treat for the ears whilst you can listen to your own music through Bluetooth technology.

Laura Bell Salon


Over 18s only.

15 Minutes £20

12 Minutes £15

9 Minutes £12

6 Minutes £10

Packages available. Buy 10 sessions and get two free. Use within two months.

Laura Bell Salon