Includes kit.

All other equipment provided.

This is an intense online and practical course.

A model will be required on both days.

The course includes online theory as well as a practical training session designed to give you the confidence and ability to offer a full gel nails treatment. You will be required to submit case studies after this course to obtain your qualification.

Your theory will be completed at home online prior to attending the Academy.

The GTi Tips With Acrylic Overlay course covers how to complete the application and demonstrates the correct removal techniques. The course also covers reception and consultation, contra-indications to treatment and aftercare advice.

Included in your course cost is your kit which includes:

Attraction sample kit including:

Liquid, Radiant White Powder, Totally Clear Powder, Radiant Pink Powder, Attract (Non-Acid) Primer, Attraction Purely Pink Masque Powder, Nurture Oil, New No 8 Purple Kollinsky Brush, Dura Glue, Essential Air Dry, Nail Pure Plus, Cleanse, DuraTips Natural, Cuticle Pusher (Stainless Steel), Small Blue Vinyl Carrying Bag.